IoT-Enabled Reef and Marine Monitoring

Nemo Pi is a cost-effective, customisable IoT enabled smart ocean monitoring buoy for depths of up to 60 meters. It is capable of monitoring 20+ different chemical sensors above and below the water.

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Why choose
Nemo Pi?

Nemo Pi helps organisations of all sizes monitor important ocean sites, rivers, and lakes to provide real-time insights from customisable smart mooring buoys.

Start Small

Getting started with Nemo Pi is easy. Sign up, build your team, add buoys - even mooring buoys without sensors.

Gain Insights

Diving schools can easily find optimal dive sites based on current, historical, and forecast data.


Owners of the Nemo Pi Buoy can choose to contribute their buoy’s telemetry for climate change research.

Robust to withstand
the elements

Nemo Pi Buoy is designed for waters up to 60m deep. Its durable housing ensures it withstands the elements without a hitch, and collects sensor telemetry data in even the toughest conditions.

You choose the sensors

Choose from over 20 sensors to customise what your buoy can measure, based on the data you wish to see.

Smart Monitoring

Our intuitive web app empowers teams to monitor and configure their buoys remotely.

Smart Buoy Dashboard

Gain competitive insights from the data collected by your buoys.

Global Mooring Map

See a map of all public buoys around the world.

More Features

Satellite Forecasts

Add your moorings to a private dashboard to view marine satellite forecasts before you go out.

Contribute Telemetry

Optionally share your Nemo Pi smart buoy telemetry with us to make it available for climate research publicly.

Download Datasets

Researchers will be able to select an area on a map to download interesting sensor data in bulk.

Coming soon

Organization Management

Members and moorings are added to organizations allowing your whole team to be on the same page.

Buoy Dashboards

Monitor your own Nemo Pi Smart Buoy or looking for anchor conditions at a local mooring? We made it simple.

Anywhere. Anytime

An ocean, a river, a lake? Moorings can be placed anywhere and you are in full control of the locations you add.


Whether you’re just getting started, or ready to collect advanced data - we have a plan to suit your needs.

1 Mooring Buoy
1 Nemo Pi Smart Buoy
1 Member
Limited Support
or $450 yearly ($18 off)
4 Mooring Buoys
4 Nemo Pi Smart Buoys
4 Members
Basic Support
or $1100 yearly ($88 off)
15 Mooring Buoys
10 Nemo Pi Smart Buoys
15 Members
Priority Support
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